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Webflux with Kotlin and Arrow

A month into the new year and I’m already lagging behind my two articles per month goal. So for Februari I’m going to try and do three articles. To kick of the month in this article we’re going to look into a setup for using kotlin together with webflux and...

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Getting started with FP in Kotlin and Arrow: Typeclasses

I’ve recently made the effort to try and pick up Kotlin (again). The last couple of years I’ve been doing mostly scala work (with some other languages in between), and was wondering how the functional concepts of scala programming transfer to Kotlin. Main reason is that I don’t see myself...

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All (150+) learning three.js third edition examples online

A couple of months ago the third edtion of my book on learning three.js was released: View on Packt. Just as for the previous examples I’ve put all the examples online so you can easily see what’s in the book, or just explore the samples, without the book. The sources...

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D3.js: Devoxx presentation 2017

I just noticed that I never published the D3.js presentation I gave last year on Devoxx. So a bit late, but you can find the video for that presentation below: The presentation on youtube

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10 Practical Kubernetes Tips for Day to Day Kubernetes usage

A couple of years ago I wrote a number of articles on how to work with docker. Since that time a lot has changed in the docker and container world. Docker has matured, and provides a large number of interesting features, accompanying tools and lots and lots of other fun...

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Three.js: Devoxx presentation 2018

Hi everyone, It’s been a whole two years since I posted stuff here, but as an early new year resolution, I decided to revive this blog, and share with you all the stuff I’ve been doing the last couple of years. As a start I’d like to share the presentation...

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